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Sundry Reviews of the Recently Released
CPO CD of Joseph Beer's
Major Youth "Blockbuster" Success
5- Article From The Netherlands' Premiere Classical Music Glossy Magazine (February 2017) --
English Translation in the Article Above from Basia Con Fuoco's Blog

Pre-War Rave Reviews of Joseph Beer's First Two Operas:


Ø                  “...The premiere of Der Prinz Von Schiras was given in all its splendor, which means for its young composer, Joseph Beer, an extraordinary success for his very first work... The composer orchestrated sumptuously for instruments and wrote splendid arias for the lead singers, modern yet flourishing... The music is of great dramatic intensity and very good stage-wise.”

Die Stunde, April 5, 1934 


Ø                  “...sensational success of an operetta [Polnische Hochzeit] of grand scale, with fiery melodies and splendid orchestration. An enduring work...”

—Das Echo, April 5, 1937


Ø                  “...certainly a grand operetta with enduring value. ”

—Neue Wiener Journal, April 5, 1937


Ø                  “...The operetta Polnische Hochzeit received extraordinary applause!”

—Neue Wiener Tagblatt, April 6, 1937


Ø                  “...[Polnische Hochzeit] doubtless fulfills the compelling desire of all Stadttheater for a powerfully crafted stage production both as to music and lyrics. It was a formidable success as soon as it premiered, each number had to be encored several times over.”

—Bohemia Prag, October 5, 1937


Ø                  “...With Polnische Hochzeit, everything seems perfect! It has a great ambience, and one is constantly entertained. Its rich treasure of melodies is the great surprise of the evening.”

—Brüxer Zeitung, November 2, 1937


Ø                  “…The operetta received a fiery and enthusiastic welcome... ”

—Die Zeit, Prague, Nov. 10, 1937


Ø                  "...This operetta had an incredible success!"

—Mährisch-Ostrauer Morgenzeitung , Dec. 22, 1937


Ø                  “...The Czech premiere of Polnische Hochzeit was an uninterrupted success! “

—Olmütz Hlas Lidu, Jan. 26, 1938