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Joseph Beer in highschool ca. 1923

Joseph Beer with the Head of the L'vov Conservatory - ca. 1925

Joseph Beer and his siblings ca. 1926

Joseph Beer's graduating diploma from the Hochschule f�r Musik

Young Joseph Beer is mentioned in the Jewish Polish newspaper "Chwili"

Poster of the performance of Der Prinz Von Schiras at the famed Teatr Wielki
(now the Great Theater and Polish National Opera)
Warsaw, Poland, ca. 1935

     Poster of the World Premiere of Polnische Hochzeit at the Zurich Opera House (1937)

   Newspaper clippings on Polnische Hochzeit from performances across Europe

Poster of the performance of Polnische Hochzeit in Prague (ca. 1937)

Joseph Beer with his Zurich Opera House conductor, Viktor Reinshagen, ca. 1934

Confiscation of all of  the royalties of the "Jew Joseph Beer" by his publisher, the famed Wiener Operetten Verlag

Joseph Beer's false identity card during the war

Joseph Beer during the war ca. 1943

Joseph Beer during the war ca. 1943

Joseph Beer during the war ca. 1944

Joseph Beer's doctoral diploma from the Sorbonne

Joseph Beer ca. 1977


   Joseph Beer on the balcony of
his composition room
 in  his Nice apartment (ca. 1986)