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« Joseph Beer’s music was a delight to listen to. Beer’s music is definitely at par with the finest of composers of the Holocaust epoch, and of the twentieth century period… Béatrice Beer’s performance was breathtaking, her rich, many-colored voice along with exquisite musicianship being the perfect instrument for her father’s wide-ranging and demanding compositions.  Steve Cohen, Daily News, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

« The music of this important 2oth Century composer whose career was cut short by the Holocaust deserves to be heard worldwide. … Soprano Béatrice Beer … commands the stage with her presence … with such a beautiful voice and solid technique…, [she] continues to delight her conductors. Béatrice is an International Talent [who] will electrify … every stage with her performing. —Robert McFarland, Metropolitan Opera

« The combination of Joseph Beer’s music with the voice of his own daughter, Soprano Béatrice Beer, herself a world class opera singer, is a unique event which strikes both by its quality and its style - a match made in heaven already making history. Newsday, New York, New York

« Beer’s music was a revelation… [Béatrice’s] singing, too, was superb … [We] were privileged to hear some extraordinary music, beautifully and lovingly interpreted. Bret Werb, Musicologist, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C

« Soprano Béatrice Beer … is an exceptional singer and musician with outstanding vocal technique and interpretative talent. She is doing a great service in reviving … the arias written by her late father, whose operas deserve an important place in the 20th century repertoire… She has the potential to establish a major singing career. Dr. Diana Mittler-Battipaglia, Lehman College, New York, NY

« A gifted daughter's tribute to a gifted father... Soprano Béatrice Beer's voice has an almost heartbreaking beauty … interpreting the songs of the late composer Joseph Beer... Could there possibly be a more creative, more fitting, more affecting eulogy? —Ed McCormack, Writer, Rolling Stone, New York

« Béatrice Beer’s voice encompasses an array of emotions, including joy, sorrow, and longing as it glides through the air like a bird in flight. She reaches beyond the commonplace, and when I hear her sing, I am reminded of the divine forces that inform the human spirit.—J. Sanders-Eaton, Writer, Gallery&Studio, New York, NY

« Béatrice Beer’s music translates into a passion that ignites the spirit! The beauty of the voice is unforgettable, filled with a richness and warmth that extend into the universe like a blessing – the perfect match to this grand music…—Jennifer Read Hawthorne, Writer, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul



 Article published in the Actualité Juive (Nice, France) - Jean-Jacques Biton

Article published in the Aufbau (New York, NY - Berlin, Germany) - Annette Zerpner (German version)

Article published in the Aufbau (New York, NY - Berlin, Germany)  - Annette Zerpner (French version)